Video: Victor Kamenyo left embarrassed as girlfriend tosses him away

Singer Victor Kamenyo has surely learned a lesson tje hard way that women are so precious to even lift a finger or voice on them.

Of course not all women but there those ones who are so special that should be held gently like a glass.

Victor Kamenyo is currently trying nursing a broken heart after his girlfriend tossed him away like a used pamper.

It should be recalled that a few days ago a video surfaced showing the two engaged in a fist fight sort of.

The Nduulu singer was criticized by the public for his actions.

This then saw him write an apology letter to the girlfriend, Ruth and even promised to marry her in December bit it didn’t move her.

He qas advised to involve money in his plea and he did this.

Kamenyo went to Ruth’s place with 2m shillings and a bouquet of flowers but these were thrown away.

Despite Ruth’s sister pleading on Kamenyo’s behalf, she wouldn’t listen to any of the words from the singer.

She revealed how he has nothing new to tell her as she even blocked him on WhatsApp and doesn’t want anything to do with him leaving the failed politician sobbing.

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