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SCREENSHOT: Fans tell Bruno K to chew his sugar Mummy Nakazibwe in peace

Fans have teared singer Bruno k in pieces telling him to stop talking alot and chew his sugar Mummy Faridah Nakazibwe in peace.

Faridah Nakazibwe and Bruno k became friends last year and people started connecting dots that they must be dating of which they have all denied.

Hoewever fans will not let them enjoy their relationship in peace as they keep bad mouthing them on social media.

In his tweet Bruno K stated,

“I know Uncut and some bloggers will not talk about yesterday’s show.” He tweeted

Ategeka Balikoowa replied to the artiste that,

“Just chew your sugar mummy in peace and ignore those stress factors, am sure there’s a lot on your plate ka blaaza.” Ategeka’s reply

The tweets

Nakazibwe’s first show that was held at Cricket Oval in Lugogo on 17th September, 2022 had a low turn up but had a successful one in Masaka.

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