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Is it love? Here are the reasons why Liam Voice is slowly fading musicically

Aroma is a beautiful lady and every man would want to have a taste of her.
Upcoming singer Liam Voice is determined to keep her for good.

This website understands Liam no longer concentrates on music but spends a lot of time trying to impress Aroma.

“He at times even ignores the calls from his manager, he is no longer spending time in the studio. The relationship is surely eating up his career,” a source told this website.

Sources further claim Liam wants Aroma to commit to a serious relationship, but she is still exploring other options since Liam is broke. The two started dating last year.

“Liam even introduced Aroma to her mum. He plans to marry her but she is undecided. She still moves out with other loaded guys,” a source disclosed.

Liam Voice is one of the promising talents who kept people glued on TV during the lockdown, but his career has since stagnated.

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