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Do you know Pastor Bugumbe’s wife? Here is all you need to know

Pastor Wilson Bugembe has for years maintained a single status but it seems he is tired of sleeping like a pope.

In an interview with local television, Bugembe explained he is in love with someone, he will make it official soon.

“Be patient, just a little bit. The wife is there, I just haven’t wedded her but I am seeing someone,” he said.

Bugembe also asked his fans to forgive him for taking long without finding a marriage partner.

“I want my fans to forgive me for taking long to marry. My search for a wife has been long and hasn’t been easy. I never thought that it would take this long, I promise that very soon I will marry,” he said.

Pastor Wilson Bugembe is the lead preacher at Light the World Church in Nansana.

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