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VIDEO: Accident leaves Lusuku lwa seminti fighting for life, Lady Grace dead

A terrible accident happened has been reported to have occurred including some famous artists.

These include Ronald Alimpa of the Lusuku lwa Seminti fame, Ragga Fire and Lady Grace.

These were travelling to Semuto for a scheduled show but they couldn’t make it there.

According to an eye witness, Manager Nigga who manages Kadongo Kamu singer Hassan Nduga, the group saw their vehicle fall into an alley.

They had to be pulled out but sadly one of the singers, Lady Grace is said to have died on spot.

Her body lay there all looking lifeless although confirmation is yet to come in.

She has severally songs such as Abagenyi Bakulinze, Parliament Yenju, Ndayila among others.

Lusuku lwa seminti on the other hand got a broken leg and is said to be in a severe critical condition.

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