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VIDEO: Famous tweeps 4sum tape surfaces

Ugandans have become renowned actors of adult content for the past.

These release content after content and can’t allow us to rest and concentrate on productive issues.

It seems these are state sponsored because they have made us to fail on the struggle of ousting ‘the dictator.’

Soon as we regain sobriety, a new tape surfaces and so is the case now.

A video including 4 girls and one dude has been making rounds on social media.

According to this video circulating on Twitter, these girls really had a time of their lives with this single dude.

They can be seen having a great time with drinks allover their table living like it’s the last day of their lives.

However, after they get intoxicated, they head to the bathroom where they all got chewed by this guy.

Yeah you might be feeling envious of the guy but he really lived your dream in a single night.

One of the girls can be seen acting naughty and wild around the guy who lifts and chews her on a toilet sink.

Meanwhile soon as the others return from taking a short call, this dude who has the Mike Tyson energy to go all the way to 12 rounds zeroes down on them and starts chewing them mercilessly.

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