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VIDEO:Diana Nabatanzi reveals how women satsify themselves with mingling sticks

Celebrated TV presenter Diana Nabatanzi together with her co presenters on the BBS kasukali show have advised women to stop using dangerous instruments to pleade themselves sexually.

The conversation which was spearheaded by Nabatanzi saw these ladies blasting women who use items such as cucumber, egg plants and mingling sticks.

One of the panelists wondered if there are women that indeed use such to which Nabatanzi confirmed.

She said that if these can buy dildos of sizes why not the cheaper objects.

These further said that these women have in fact spoilt themselves sexually and it’s the reason why they hardly get any sexual pleasure from their men.

Its because they desensitized their genitals long time ago.

“There are women who use all types of instruments such as dildos, mingling sticks, cucumber, egg plants among others.

These rub and pound themselves in order to get sexual pleasure and by the time their men get to them, they no longer have any feelings and can’t feel the wire anymore. Its very bad and these women should stop but if you know your problem, its better you tell your man early enough so that you find a quick solution,” Diana Nabatanzi said.

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