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Famous TikToker Queen Masolo’s tape videos surface

Ugandan TikTok seems to have changed from the original motive to sort of old-star producing app.

A number of Ugandans on the app have over the past blessed us with lots of their private content and it seems like they are yet to stop.

The latest is famous TikToker Queen Sylvia Masolo who left the streets shocked after her tape video surfaced on the interne

Netizens have been left astonished at how big and fat her sumbie is.

Some of these have even declared it to be heavier than a 25kg bag of beans.

One large bean it seems, heavier than many thousand beans.

In the viral video, she’s seen playing with her twinnies massaging them and teasing them until they ooze an entire Atlantic Ocean.

She really made sure to go to the bush and study the lessons with much effort as her beans are well pulled and nourished.

There were no night dancers from where she grew up from.

A little bit of information indicates that she’s married to barely known singer, Sande Music and they have a child together .

Her TikTok page boasts of about 36.5k followers and her content has all been parading her big sumbie and nyash.

It’s alleged that she was forwarding this video to her sugar daddy when it leaked a thing that has left her husband heart broken, disappointed and depressed.

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