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Here is the real reason that killed Lady Grace

Fear, sorrow and grief engulfs Ugandans when they think of the gruesome accident that claimed the life of Ndayila singer Lady Grace and 3 others.

This same accident left others including Lusuku lwa Cement singer Ronald Alimpa nursing broken legs.

However, nobody had come out yet to narrate what exactly happened and caused this accident.

It was only inconclusive narrations by Ebintu Bizibu singer Hassan Nduga who told what happened since he was first at the scene and helped to rescue some of these car occupants.

However, after regaining consciousness, Alimpa has come out to narrate what exactly happened.

The singer says that they were travelling in a Toyota Wish car headed to Kapeeka, Semuto to perform.

They were however late and the organizers called them to hurry up lest the partierd would wreck havoc at the place.

And as Alimpa, he didn’t want this bad record on his name.

He therefore directed the driver to step on the ‘fire’ pedal and increase speed.

Off they went but the car hit something in the middle of the road which forced it off.

The car overturned numerous times before landing with its nose in a swamp and then returning on all 4 tyres.

Alimpa said that some dropped like flies out of the car during its overturning.

For him, he was seated between Lady Grace and another Saidi in the middle row of the car.

He was however perplexed after being told that he was found in the front of the steering wheel.

“We were about 20 minutes from the venue when the organizers called us saying that people were growing impatient with waiting for us. And in those 20 minutes, people can become rowdy, violent and chaotic destroying property. This would have been our fault and since we had been paid and booked, I instructed the driver to increase speed so that we get there in time.

However, the car hit something I suspect was a ditch and overturned in the air many times before hitting into an alley and then landing on all four tyres again. Some dropped out through the windows meanwhile as it overturned.

I was seated in the middle of Lady Grace and another boy. I don’t know how I ended up in the front of the steering wheel yet I was in the back row of the car. After that I became unconscious and don’t know the rest,” narrated Alimpa.

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