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Video: Working im silence- Lydia Jazmine shows off her multi billion mansion

There is no doubt about the talent and beauty if songstress Lydia Nabawanukka aka Lydia Jazmine.

Talk about the most talented musicians amd she will appear on this list, most beautiful amd hottest singers and she will still appear.

The singer has it all but is yet to assert herself on the scene. Sheebah and Spice Diana are always talked about as the best female musicians of their current generation.

But to be honest, none of rhe above beat the Masukka singer when it comes to pure talent and beauty.

They however are so hungry to make it to the top amd inbest heavily in the PR.

The duo are always on everyone’s lips reason they are seen as the very best.

Both Sheebah and Spice Diana are some of the few female and general artists that have their own mansions .

Sheebah’s is in Munyonyo while Spice Diana’s is in Makindye.

And guess what, Lydia Jazmine just landed herself in the same category.

Her new home is also in Munyonyo an urban Kampala suburb.

Taking to her Instagram stories, she posted a video of her mother.

She had taken her there to witness her brand new great achievement.

The home is an exotic one and befitting tribute for the singer who has been around the scene for about a decade.

But guess what, this achievement hasn’t garnered the attention and noise the other artists do make only because Jazmine isn’t so loud about her achievements.

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