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Female version of me, the reincarnation of my mother – Bobi Wine and Barbie celebrate daughter’s 13th birthday in love

Singer cum politician and National Unity Platform (NUP) president Bobi Wine real name Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu and wife Barbie Kyagulanyi have celebrated their daughters birthday in style.

Shalom Namagembr Nalunkuuma is their second daughter has made 13years today. Bobi Wine and Barbie couldn’t take this for granted do they celebrated her.

According to Barbie and Bobi Wine, Shalom is loved and she brings peace to them as parents and they are happy to have her.

“A happy birthday my dearest Shalom Namagembe Nalunkuuma, the female version of me, the reincarnation of my mother.
I love you very much.”

“See, when my waters broke while we were out hanging in a certain night club after Bobi Wine Mazzi Mawanvu concert in Lugogo, we stormed the labour ward at Kampala Hospital. In not more than 1 hour and with very little affort, I pushed Shalom. The quickest, easiest delivery I have ever had. Tiny and crying loud, my husband held her before me. As he placed her on my bare chest, there in that moment, the electricity in my body connected with that in her lean little body. Instantly, we bonded differently. Our love was never going to be ordinary. She was going to be my cornerstone.
This baby came in all shades of peace. That’s why we named her Shalom. This daughter of ours muntu wange Nyo! She literally knows me more than most of the people who work and live with me. She sees me look a certain way and in a snap of a finger knows that the puleesa is getting WEZZAAAA! Very intelligent, organized, with the highest quality of leadership skills. Our Namagembe is an angel to us. My baby girl has my back ALWAYS! I love her for her loud laugh which is infectious. Today, my ka friend is 14years old. How blessed we are to have you in our lives Shalom Namagembe.

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