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Video: Kampala slay queen nabbed stealing phone by hiding it in her fat sumbie

Will don’t trust those pretty looks anymore because they can be deceiving of innocence just as Lucky Dube sang.

A certain woman in Kampala was nabbed red-handed trying to steal a phone in one of the phone shops.

The shocking technique she used was by hiding the phone in her gigantic sumbie.

This woman wrapped the phone in a white ‘kaveera’ and hid it inside her dicotyledonous beans.

Despite the shop attendants asking if anyone had noticed the missing phone, she stayed mute about it’s whereabouts and thought that maybe she had harvested profits for the day.

It was not until they got suspicious and nabbed her. Fingering her soft region, they felt something big amd wondered what was there since she’s not a man that her wire had become big.

They told her to bring out whatever was inside and she brought out the phone.

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