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Video: More tears for Victor Kamenyo! Girlfriend lands new catch as he tries to win her back

Despite singer Victor Kamenyo’s attempts to try and win his girlfriend, Ruth back, she doesn’t want and has already quickly moved on.

According to a video shared on different social media platforms, Ruth can be seen already enjoying life to the fullest with another guy.

The two can be seen at a hangout spot jamming to Pallaso’s music.

This is as the guy squeezes the juices out of her and she seems to have no problem at all surrendering her juicy and succulent goodies to him.

Kamenyo a few days ago even tattooed her face on his chest in a bid to ask for forgiven from her.

This was in addition to writing her love letters and gifting her money in a bid to win her back after beating her.

All this saw the singer faint and if he watches this video, he might collapse into a thousand years coma.

However, social media users have quickly advised the singer to move on and forget about her no matter how sweet she might be.

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