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VIDEO: She aborted! Pastor Bugingo reveals dirty secrets about wife Suzan Makula

Pastor Aloysious Bugingo has revealed all the dirty secrets about his current wife Makula.

Bugingo officially married Suzan Makula this year 2022 but the two started dating when he separated with his wedded wife Teddy Naluswa.

Some people haven’t been supportive of Bugingo and Suzan’s marriage but every time Bugingo proves that their love is stronger and deeper than people expected.

On Sunday, Bugingo preached about his relationship with Makula, how they met and how they dated.

But through this preaching, Pastor Bugingo spilled all the secrets on how Suzan Makula aborted of which us a sin in the Christian faith.

According to Bugingo he said that to prove to people he loved Suzan of who she is not what potray her to be.


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