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Here is the name of city tycoon who wanted to chew Sheila Gashumba for 20M shillings

Girls imagine someone wanting to chew your sumbie for an outrageous fee of 20m shillings yet there are those who get chewed for just a plate of food for 1000 shillings some where in Kikoni.

It would take nerves for someone to turn down such an offer and it seems media personality Sheilah Gashumba had the nerves.

But why would she if she can make such money in the blink of an eye given her type of work plus her family’s status and connections.

Taking to her Snapchat page, a furious Sheilah Gashumba exposed a top city tycoon who wanted to smash her beans for 20m shillings.

Sheilah revealed that being a woman is one of the hardest tasks because anyone with money definitely thinks they can sweat on top of you.

This tycoon had a middleman who tried to broker Sheilah’s sumbie for him.

On reaching Sheilah’s phone, the money bags had the guts to question why the NBS After 5 presenter hadn’t been answering her calls.

A seemingly disgusted Sheilah wondered how someone had such a nerve to ask that minus even introducing himself to her as she didn’t know who she was speaking to.

Sheilah who has also enjoyed a number of wires and is now dating Rickman wondered if prostitution was anywhere near her job description as she turned down the offer.

“People are fuckin stupid!! How do you call my phone you don’t introduce yourself and you talking trash mbu ‘a rich man wants to meet you he has 20m. Is prostitution anywhere around my job description!! Wht kind of fuckery are people on.
Being a woman is hard!! The guy even had a audacity to ask me why haven’t been picking my calls lol. Like how dare you ask me such a question when I don’t even know you Bruh!! Wtf!! I’m soo angry.”- She posted.

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