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List of 10 Ugandan artistes killed in car accidents

With hectic upcountry tours, the music industry has been hit hard by road tragedies over the years.
Singer Lady Grace died on spot on Thursday last week in Semuto in Nakaseke District, and
dancehall singer Vyper Ranking and some of his crew members were involved in a nasty car crash on their way from Karamoja on Saturday.
Many music critics argue that rushing from one part of the country to another for multiple performances is one of the reasons artists are getting involved in accidents. Artists are advised to charge highly for their appearances to reduce the risks involved in driving long distances. Here is a list of artists we have lost over the years. Read on;

  1. Moroz
    Musician Vincent Semmambo aka Moroz, died on 30th April 2015 in a car accident.
    He was traveling to Gomba District for a show when the taxi he was in collided with a trailer along Masaka Road.
    He was popular for his hit, ‘Bupwankyi Pwankyi’ with the legendary Rapper GNL Zamba.
  2. Elie Cham
    Elly Kyambadde aka Elie Cham died on 11th May 2013 in a motor accident. Elly was a brother to dancehall artist, Empress of the “Big Massavu” fame.
    He also worked on ‘Kibe Sankalewa’ with Ronnie Stamina.
    He was part of Eddy Kenzo’s Big Talent music crew at the time.
  3. Dizzy Nuts
    Dizzy Nuts Galiwango was in November 2017 knocked dead by a speeding Toyota Harrier in Kireka just minutes after a night performance at Victoria Club.
    He is remembered for his song ‘Fire Burn Dem’ with Bebe Cool.
  4. Wethaman
    The singer died in an accident in 2004. He was one of the promising artists in Firebase at the time.
    He is mostly remembered for the song ‘Mwekuume’ in which he featured Bobi wine.
    Wethaman died at the age of 20.
  5. Menton Summer
    Peter Nkwanga aka Menton Summer perished in a car accident in 1997. The singer at the time was traveling to Kampala.
    It is said he died in Iganga at Nakalama after his vehicle collided with a speeding trailer.
    He was most popular for his song ‘sirikawo baby’ with Emperor Orlando, they had an album and they were the boys to look out for.
  6. Herman Basudde
    Herman Basudde Ssemakula died on 11th June 1997 in a car accident at Kabale Bugonzi on Masaka road on his way to Bubondo, Masaka.
    The legendary “Kadongokamu” singer was going to attend a family meeting following a reunion with his sibling, Tom Sserunjogi. The famous ‘bus dunia’ singer had just acquired Landcruiser and it was one of the most luxurious rides at the time.

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