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Hellen Lukoma shocks social media after revealing her true age

Ugandan singer and actress Hellen Lukoma has left social media users murmuring about her age.

The beauty queen and former Obsessions singer took to her Twitter page to wish herself a happy birthday.

Social media users were however shocked at the age she mentioned.

The mother of two didn’t exactly tell the age but she indicated that she’s already on the 4th floor.

According to Lukoma’s Wikipedia information, she was born on the 23rd of April 1989 making 33 years.

However the fact that she celebrated her birthday 5 days ago which is October 1st shows that what is written on this page is wrong.

And therefore she’s already in her 40’s because she came onto the scene in the early 2000s already in her 20s.

It would therefore be a lie to think that she’s 33 years. The Obsessions started singing about 19-20 years ago.

Hellen Lukoma however is a perfect description of a sweet 16 because she still looks so hot and flawless.

Most girls below her age by miles actually look way older than her.

Some social media users were left complimenting and salivating about her beauty.

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