Malaika Biography, Career, Family and Networth

Malaika Tenshi Nnyanzi is a Ugandan actress, media personality, model and fashionista.

She is famously known by her first name, Malaika..

She rose to fame while doing the D’Mighty Breakfast show on KFM alongside Brian Mulondo.

Malaika however left the Namuwongo based radio station and joined Kisementi based Capital FM.

It’s here that she does the Overdrive show alongside Oulanya.

Malaika has also appeared ina number of Ugandan films such as on Veronica’s Wish, Bed of Thorns, The Honourables and Mela.


She was born in 1989 on the 15th of December in Nairobi, Kenya. Malaika is therefore 32 years old.

She comes from a well to do family as she went to some of the best schools in the country.

Malaika also has siblings and all her parents are still alive.

Her father was a former army officer in the Ugandan army that fled to exile at the time Uganda was in political turmoil.

Malaika’s family moved back to Uganda after the things had stabilized.


Malaika studied from Safari Kindergarten, Kampala Parents School, Gayaza High School, Makerere College School.

Malaika graduated with a bachelor’s degree in International Business at the United States International University Africa.


Malaika started her radio career in 2014 from Urban TV for about 2 years.

She then joined KFM where she worked from 2017-19.

Malaika then quit KFM to Capital FM where is working now.

Malaika is also into modeling and started her modeling career in Nairobi, Kenya.

She also at one time ran a modeling management company with a male partner.

They showcased their work at a number of events including the Swahili Fashion Week.

Malaika in 2014 left Nairobi to Uganda where she continued her modeling career alongside emceeing corporate on entertainment events.

Further, Malaika is a brand ambassador for Sweet Lips wine.

She also joined South African entertainment channel Rockstar Group as the new face of a television show called SHOOOOSH.

Personal Life

She is currently single as she has no known man.

A couple of months ago, comedian Uncle Mo proposed to her but this turned out to be a skit show just.

In 2018, during an interview with Crystal Newman on her show Crystal 1 On 1, Malaika came out as epileptic and as a victim of rape by her work partner due to epilepsy, something she had kept private for over ten years and caused her depression.


Malaika is valued to be worth Shs 300 million.

This has been accumulated through her media career, acting, ambassadorial roles, self businesses and others.

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