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Reasons why Nina Roz regrets marrying Daddy Andre

Singer Nina Roz real name Kukunda Rose has revealed why she regrets falling in love and marrying fellow singer Daddy Andre.

Daddy Andre and Nina Roz were married for a few months and later bittterly split up speaking bad things about each other.

Although they didn’t give the exact reason why they split up, in an interview with a local television, Nina Roz has revealed that she regrets everything.

According to Nina Roz, the first mistake she made was to put her relationship in the public eye and the second reason is rushing into marriage without knowing the man very well.

Nina Roz advised young girls not to rush into marriage because men hide alot from them and you end up falling a victim to their bad behavior.

“I regret marrying Daddy Andre because I rushed everything and i wish I would have waited and studied him more. I regrt doing is putting my relationship to the public”. – Nina Roz

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