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Bizonto Comedy Group sumbie and wire war intensifies

Allegations of infidelity have continued to rock the the home of Bizonto Comedy Group’s female member, Annabelle.

She’s now decided to expose her husband a one Robert’s unbecoming behaviors.

This is after he’s been moving to every media station he has access to accusing her of serving her sumbie to her fellow member, Giant Zonto.

Robert a while ago had told how on top of finding Giant Zonto’s wallet in his wife’s hand bag, they also exchange disturbing WhatsApp messages among other things that have put him on tension.

All of this together had Robert thinking that indeed Giant Zonto has been feasting on his wife like a Christmas cake.

Both Annabelle and Giant Zonto have however all come out to deny these allegations.

They also criticized Robert for going through media channels to create these lies minus asking them the truth.

Annabelle told her man to quit peddling lies in the media buthe has vehemently refused.

This has forced Annabelle to flee her marital home and even declined to pick his calls.

A desperate Robert in trying to win her back went to Spark TV where she was given a phone call.

Whilst pleading for her to return, Annabelle questioned what her husband’s motive is.

She additionally told how her husband has been taking the biggest share of the money she gets from doing comedy ro help his family.

Furthermore, Annabelle revealed that before joining Bizonto, she agreed with him to deceive in the auditions that she’s single.

The Group made it clear how they didn’t want a married person but she lied according to her husband’s plan.

“But what’s really wrong with you Robert? I told you to stop calling me on different numbers of different media stations but you have declined.

What hurts me most is that we agreed and you told me to lie while auditioning that I’m unmarried because no married person was accepted. Besides all the money I have been making, you have been taking the biggest percentage to help your family,” said Annabelle.

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