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Ronald Alimpa begs for forgiveness from Hassan Nduga and Kasuku

After being saved from meeting his creator early than he thought, singer Ronald Alimpa didn’t come out to thank his savior, Hassan Nduga.

His family just resorted to lambasting Nduga for stealing Alimpa’s valuables at the accident scene.

This is something that really annoyed Nduga who revealed that he even used his own money to buy Alimpa and others involved in the accident medicine.

Another person that fell to the uncouth behavior of Alimpa is Kasuku.

The media personality accused Alimpa of having had a monkey in the car that he was taking for ritualistic purposes.

Alimpa on learning this branded Kasuku very stupid and hopeless man who was looking for a comeback via him.

Alimpa who is currently bedridden however has decided to calm down amd seek for forgiveness from the duo for his remarks regardless of who is in the wrong.


James Mulwana the manager of Ronald Alimpa and the entire management apologizes to Hassan Nduga Bamweyana and Kasuku for the words that have been appearing in the news.

Manager Mulwana is ready to meet Kasuku and Nduga to apologize personally.

MANAGEMENT RONALD ALIMPA,” a statement released by the singer who is still undergoing treatment on his fractured legs read.

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