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VIDEO: Maurice Kirya chews his own words, acknowledges Lydia Jazmine

After coming under fire for his remarks about not knowing Lydia Jazmine and her music, singer Maurice Kirya has eaten his own words about not knowing Lydia Jazmine.

The Misubaawa singer while appearing on Galaxy FM’s Evening Rush said that he doesn’t know any song from the Masukka singer.

This saw Kirya garner widespread criticism from social media.

Archives were brought out to show Kirya and Jazmine taking several photos together.

Kirya has now claimed that Jazmine is a personal friend of his.

He however maintained that he doesn’t know any of her songs and didn’t in any way intend to undermine her.

“I want to clarify myself, Jazmine is a good and personal friend of mine. But that doesn’t mean that I know her music. I totally don’t and that’s okay. People can be your friends without totally knowing what you do or your songs. I therefore didn’t in anyway mean to undermine her,” Kirya said.

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