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Catherine Kusasira regrets showing off money after bank takes her home over accumulated debts

Catherine Kusasira’s home is up for sale due to a loan she acquired from a bank. She is doing everything to save her house, but not many people are sympathizing with her.

Many are reminded of a time when she paraded wads of cash and mocked those who don’t support the NRM, referring to them as financially struggling. And for that, there’s little compassion for her.

In an interview, Kusasira explained that she showed off the money after borrowing it from Balaam Barugahara to finance her concert.

“After borrowing money from Balaam Barugahara, I decided to show off the cash. It was a stunt to get people talking about my concert. You know I am an artist and sometimes you need tricks to get people buzzing,” she says.

A few months ago, she threatened to quit NRM.

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