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Reasons why Ykee Benda can never pick any lady from a bar and take her home

Musician Wycliffe Tugume alias
Ykee Benda is a principled man, and many of his values have been honed over time.

In an interview, the singer revealed a few things fans might not know about him, among them, he doesn’t pick random girls from bars.

“When I was a new artiste, I picked a girl from a bar and took her home. I think I was just too excited by the fame, I can no longer do it. I find it embarrassing,” he said.

Ykee Benda also revealed that he can’t date a woman who posts pictures that expose too much of her ‘private’ areas (thighs, bums)

“I like exclusivity. I used to crush on Rihanna, but ever since she did a nude photo shoot, I lost interest. When I see girls on Instagram who leave little to the imagination, I only frown.” he explained.

Last year, Ykee Benda parted ways with baby mama, Julie Batenga, months after persuading her to return to his bonking bed.
The two share a beautiful baby boy.

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