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The Shincheonji Youth Volunteer Group We Are One Uganda Held a Large-Scale Group Blood Donation Event in Nansana.

A group blood donation event was held in Nansana, on Oct 9th, 2022, Uganda’s independence day with 2025 people to save lives under the theme, “Save Life with Shincheonji”.

The event was decided abruptly due to a message from Nakasero Blood Bank to the Youth Group ‘We Are One’ that they are currently experiencing a crisis on the blood supply shortage.

The Shincheonji Youth Volunteer Group “We Are One” was inaugurated on 30 July 2022 in South Korea to help out people who are in need by donating blood and other volunteer activities.
Following this, the Youth Volunteer group ‘We Are One’ Uganda held its inauguration ceremony on 24 September 2022 for the local communities in Uganda and hereafter the youth group members participated in voluntary activities by picking up trashes on the streets voluntarily to make the streets organized.

Mr. David Nkwanga, the representative of the Youth Group ‘We Are One’ said, “It is more meaningful because it was a blood donation that a lot of young adults in Uganda participated in with one heart for the good work. I think our future is bright when we start to love our neighbors, helping them according to the teaching of Jesus Christ. I would like to express my gratitude to all who came running to the news that they are suffering from a blood supply shortage nationwide, and we will diligently serve as light and salt and give glory to God,”

Nampewo Shamrat a resident of Nansana Nsumbi said she is glad to be part of the occasion and she was happy because what she has seen is an unusual selfless act and cannot easily be seen anywhere. She further said that the act of donating blood is good because we lack blood a lot because of people giving birth and those in accidents. In fact, we need a lot of blood and so scj church had done an unusual thing donating blood twice the same year she added. I have never seen that anywhere also would like to urge other churches and people to copy from this church. So thank you shincheonji church for the blessing to our community.

Nsejje Mary another resident says she is happy with the activity of blood no nation and she further said that Just like the we see in the bible, Jesus is the only person who poured blood for the whole world to save mankind from sin and death. Shincheonji church of Jesus Youth has done it in actual reality emulating Jesus Christ to donate blood to save lives. Blood is needed because when you look at the situation we are in especially pregnant mothers. Shincheonji has shown a great example so we i am also arguing for other churches to do the same the way. She also appreciates the Shincheonji Youth group called “We are one” for organizing the event.

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Samuel David Wante on behalf of Uganda Blood Transmission service thanked those who participated in this blood donation and further said in situations where blood is needed there is no other solution, blood is life. He added that malaria is on the increase in Eastern and Western Uganda this malaria destroys blood cells in the body therefore blood is needed.
He added that it is also beneficial to the donor to donate blood. It reduces the chances of getting diseases like high blood pressure, and blood clot issues amongst others. He, therefore, urged people to donate blood to have a happy life and at the same time save others. 450000 units of blood at least are needed in the year to save lives in Uganda. He lastly urged media houses to promote this work of blood donation.

In this donation, a total of over 574 blood units were collected

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