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Video: Spice Diana beaten on stage

It seems like musician Spice Diana won’t forget her recent show she had over the weekend.

The Body singer while performing paused for a moment and questioned why fans were far from the stage.

She questioned the organizer’s motive of putting the people further from the stage yet they had come to enjoy themselves.

Spice Diana then asked the people to come closer a thing the show’s organizer disagreed with.

This saw the Source Management singer furiously jump off the stage to attack him.

She threatened to beat him up if he dare touched her before going back onstage where she invited the people to all come nearer and have a blast.

This saw things escalate as Spice Diana got attacked by the organizer’s team.

A fight ensued with even the revellers storming the stage before the lights were switched off.

Voices could be heard screaming for mercy whilst the scuffle goes on.

Its not yet clear how many sustained injuries and if the AFRIMMA nominated singer was hurt.

Female musicians including Spice Diana herself have in the recent past been sexually assaulted by h0rny male fans.

These artists asked why fans are allowed to come nearer to the stage.

Its therefore puzzling to see that it was Spice Diana calling for these fans to come nearer to her.

We shall however keep you updated.

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