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Hassan Nduga confirms Alimpa travelled with a monkey at the Island

Singer Hassan Nduga has revealed that his fellow artiste Ronald Alimpa travelled with a monkey.

According to Nduga they also saw the monkey when they were helping the victims of the accident. He also stated that he was recently called by someone from the Island who confirmed that it’s true Alimpa had moved with a Monkey.

“I saw him abusing Kasuku but in reality when we were lifting the victims, the manager asked us what is this monkey doing here. We saw it sitting on a big stone and we didn’t go deep about it. Alimpa knows that he had moved with the monkey and should not have abused Kasuku.”

He adds,

“I received a phone call from Ssenyi Island and the man told me that it’s true Alimpa came with a monkey.”

“They were even chased on the boat since they were moving with a monkey which is not allowed at the Island. They then got a small boat that transported them to Ziru Island.”

“They were again told to leave the monkey behind but Alimpa decided to buy an empty box and packed it.” Said Nduga while quoting the man who called him

Nduga recently released a song which he branded abantu tebayambika responding to Alimpa’s allegations of that he had stolen his money while helping him.

Written by Ssejjengo Jibu

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