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Mama Fina spills Ronald Alimpa’s Family’s dirty secrets

Famous traditional herbalist Sylvia Namutebi alias Mama Fina has opened the lid about bedridden singer Ronald Alimpa and his family.

It should be recalled that after Alimpa’s accident, Mama Fina visited him and gave him Shs 2m cash.

She also added how she put someone to look after him even when she fails to go there.

He is therefore in good hands. However, the Lusuku lwa seminti singer’s family has been accusing another singer Hassan Nduga who rescued Alimpa from the jaws of death of stealing his money.

These claim that Nduga in rescuing Alimpa stole his money and that that Mama Fina gave him.

This has even escalated into a war of words forcing Nduga into studio where he recorded a song titled Tebayambika blasting Alimpa and his family.

Mama Fina however says that its not true that Nduga stole Alimpa’s money.

This is because she handed the 2m shillings to Alimpa’s auntie. And she handed Nduga 1m shillings for his good samaritanism.

Alimpa’s family therefore should be appreciating Nduga for his effort to save their member instead of falsely accusing him.

She added that Alimpa even told her how he had no money with him in the car before the accident.

He and group had made no money from the concerts they had sang at in the islands.

And for the Semuto gig where they were going, he had been already given an upfront of 1m and was going to collect the remaining 1m after singing.

“I don’t know why that family is ungrateful. Nduga should instead be appreciated because I saw how he was full of blood after helping the victims. Besides I handed the 2m shillings to Alimpa’s family and not Nduga. Those saying that Nduga stole Alimpa’s money at the scene are lying. Alimpa himself told me that they had no money from the islands they had gone to perform. And for where they were going to perform, he was booked for 2m shillings and had been given 1m shillings earlier and was only going to pick 1m,” said Mama Fina.

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