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VIDEO: We shall die on the same day aged 120 years – Suzan and Bujjingo reveal.

House of prayer ministries Pastor Bugingo Aloysious has revealed that he wants to die with his beautiful second wife Suzan Makula.

Makula and Bugingo officially got married early this year after Bugingo separating with the mother of his children Teddy Naluswa.

Ever since Bugingo married Suzan Makula, he has been speaking all well about love and he said he has never loved any woman like the way he loves Makula.

On last Sunday’s preaching, Pastor Aloysious Bugingo revealed that he wants to die with Suzan Makula on the same date because he doesn’t see any reason why he would stay alive after Suzan dies or why she would stay alive when he dies.

Here is the video:

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