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Did you know Sheebah’s age? She miserably fails in attempt to chop her own age

Songstress Sheebah Karungi miserably failed in a computation of chopping her own age.

Interest has always surrounded how old the singer actually is.

And having surfaced onto the scene in the mid 2000s, many fans believe Sheebah is at least in her mid 30’s or nearing her 40s.

This however doesn’t seem the case with the Nakyuka singer.

During a recent press conference for her upcoming Sheebah Live in Concert in December, she said that she’s just going to make 33 years of age in November.

According to Sheebah, she joined Obsessions when she was 15 to replace Cleopatra Kohirwe.

Sheebah however then said that it was in 2007 when she joined the group and she was 17 then.

These contradictory remarks in one press conference have left heads turning.

“I’m currently 33 and will be making 33 years in November. I started working at the age of 15. I joined Obsessions in 2007 to replace Cleo. By the time I joined, they had even already done their biggest hit song ,Jangu. Most people argue about my age because they are older than me and yet I’m not successful than them. They do this in order to feel good instead of facing reality. However I joined when I was 17 in 2007 so you can do the maths,” said Sheebah.

If she joined while she was 15, Sheebah would be going to make 30 years in November.

However, if she joined while 17, then she will be making 32 years in November not 33 years as she claimed.

This has left netizens wondering which is which and all believe one thing, she’s hiding her true age just like most women celebrities out there.

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