Here is all you need to know about this trending BLQ football scamming Ugandans about

Many Ugandans are currently licking the tears they cry after a certain gaming company known as BLQ Football scammed them monies worth billions from them.

According to the info that has been making rounds on social media, a lot of people had invested in this company which operated as BLQ Football on their different social media platforms such as Facebook,Twitter and through their website.

The National Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board (LGRB) came out to warn Ugandans to deal with this company at their own risk.

This is because it was not licensed to operate in the business in the country and therefore people were susceptible to losing their money.

LGRB went ahead to state that it had notified UCC and in turn had a notice to MTN and Airtel mobile money services to stop their services to this business.

BLQ identifies as an investment platform where people make profits by inviting others to invest in it.

Some Ugandans were quick to dispel the notice from the LGRB plus BLQ itself too.

It revealed how it would never sign up with the LGRB as it failed to save Betway and SBA Africa from collapsing.

With this barking, Ugandans became sure that indeed their monies are safe and not going anywhere.

These had for the past few hours tried to make transactions but in vain.

The company however shockingly closed operations leaving a lot of people counting losses.

“God will pay you back. You can’t steal people’s money just like that. you won’t survive this,” one social media user cursed.

“Now come and talk to my girlfriend’s people. I promised her marriage next month with my BLQ savings,” another who hoped to get marriage capital from the business cried.

It’s said that this scheme first defrauded in Europe before going to South Africa and finally to Uganda.

Such schemes have been around for quite some time and scammed people although they are yet to learn such as the Ponzi scheme.

In Uganda BLQ Football is said to have made off with about 50 billion shillings.

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