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Buchaman ventures into bouncer training

Just like the former Operation Wembley operatives, Buchaman’s Security team named “Security by Knuckle” is doing a good job handling safety and security, at entertainment venues and events in Kampala.

Top event organisers, are now very impressed with this no nonsense team….Pick-pocketers and phone snatchers,are picked like Chicken thieves,there is order at the gates and most importantly, revellers are escorted after the event to the bus/ taxi stages near the venue. Indeed,they have brought alot of sanity at Events.

Equally impressed,were the organisers and visitors at the just concluded UMA trade show were the team was also deployed.

This team should always seek guidance from the Police, improve on their branding , marketing and their Pubic relations strategies and the sky will be the limi

Written by Dixon Bond Okello


Written by Staff

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