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Did you know what has blocked Ugandan music from progressing? Isma Olaxees reveals it to

Uganda has been described as one of the countries that has some of the best talents musically not only in Africa but also globally.

In fact in Africa, it’s fairly argued that the pearl of Africa is behind only Nigeria, South Africa and few others if any in music.

A number of factors have been blamed for the failure of Ugandan music from progressing from one stage to another.

And according to social media blogger Isma Olaxees, cultism is the main problem.

This cultism is rooted in the cacoon of the three big musicians Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine and Dr Jose Chameleone.

Fans believe that no one will ever be better than these three which has suffocated the other Singers.

He added that it was only Kenzo who had managed a bit to break into these singer’s league.

However, his split from Rema weakened him since their fans became divided.

While still married, the celebrity couple was bigger than anyone.

“Uganda’s biggest music problem is cultism and I think Eddy Kenzo almost broke it but he separated with Rema. Their strength combined was unbeatable if they had continued together,” Isma Olaxees revealed.

Isma added that music has changed and those who used to lead are no longer the ones leading.

For instance Isma listed how Kenzo currently dominates any singer on streaming platforms such as Spotify.

The blogger also added that Gravity can beat any of Dr Jose Chameleone, Bebe Cool or Bobi Wine if they are put on stage with him.

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