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VIDEO: Big Eye Starboss shuts down Mbale

Forget when all singer Ibrahim Mayanja aka Big Eye Starboss could collect on stage was bottles.

The Booked singer seems to have made fans return back to enjoying his music.

This was evident in the crowds he pulled at a recent in Mbale.

Revellers were seen having a good time and dancing to Big Eye’s music who also seemed overjoyed at the fact that fans are now embracing him than before.

It should be recalled that Big Eye in the recent past has been facing hostility from fans .

These on top if chasing him off stage would go ahead to pelt him with bottles.

All this was because of his affiliations to the NRM.

The singer reached to a point of crying and regretting why he had joined the NRM as even the party itself had dumped him and no longer fended for him.

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