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Top 10 Most Beautiful Tribes In Uganda

Uganda is one of the most naturally endowed countries on the planet.

It’s no wonder the country is nicknamed the Pearl of Africa because of the beauties around ranging from natural features to the people themselves.

Most people who come to the country quickly settle in and classify the country as their second home because of the hospitality of the people.

There is a vast variety of cultures in Uganda as the country boasts of over 56+ tribes.

Without further ado let’s take a look at the top 10 most beautiful tribes in +255.


Most of the tribes in Uganda are originally not from around historically and displaced the indigenous people.

The Bavandimwe have of recent been ascertained as one of the tribes in Uganda.

These are spread across Uganda but mainly live in the western part of Uganda and in the central districts such as Masaka, Sembabule, Lyantonde among others.

They have been migrating from Rwanda since the 1940s due to the political tensions in the Country.

They truly have some of the most beautiful women and handsome men in the country.

Some occupy top government positions and are also into slaying.


They would be topping the list if it wasn’t for the Bavandimwe.

These belong to the Bantu speaking people and hail from Ankore kingdom in the Western part of Uganda.

Most of the current high ranking government officials belong to the tribe.

A number of people in the entertainment industry also hail from the tribe.

Their women are the most sought after because of their prowess in bed.

It’s difficult to walk around Kampala and fail to fall in a bevy of hot looking Banyankore girls.


Categorized as the most romantic people in the country especially due to their sluggish way of life, Batoro are also one of the most beautiful tribes in the country.

If you want to argue about it, take an example of their princess, Elizabeth Bagaya who was representing Uganda in beauty pageants as way back as the 1960’s and 70’s.

Ex President Idi Amin was smitten by her beauty and tried to entice her offering her a ministerial position although she rejected him.

They hail from Tooro Kingdom also found in Western Uganda and speak Rutooro.


Another of the beautiful tribes hails from Western Uganda.

Banyoro are closely related to the Batooro who are in turn closely related to the Bakiga and Banyankore.

In fact the four tribes are interrelated and referred to as the 4 R’s (Runyakitara).

Banyoro are without a single doubt beautiful people and also hardworking.

They also hold the most important history in Uganda.


Found in Central Uganda, the tribe is the most dominant and supreme among the entire tribes of the country.

The play a very crucial role on how the country affairs are run, a role that was placed in their hands by the British cplonialists.

The Baganda speak Luganda and are found in the central part of Uganda.

Without a doubt, they have some of the most beautiful people especially women in rhe country.

The entertainment industry which can be used to percent them gives a clear picture of what we are speaking about here.


Don’t let the narrative of Bakiga people being rough people fool you.

They are some of the most friendly, honest,hardworking and beautiful people in the country.

Found majorly in South Western Uganda, the Bakiga belong to the Bantu speaking people.

They have some of the best and most beautiful people in the country and their women are just top class.

But hey, don’t mess around with them because you will be taken to WrestleMania.


They hail from the east in districts such as Jinja, Kamuli, Namutumba among others.

They have been to different beauty pageants and won quite a number of them.

They also rank high in the government and other sectors such as sports.

Basoga have some of the most beautiful women who if they decide to love, you would need a surgery to separate them from you .


Another tribe from Eastern Uganda. The Itesot have some of the most beautiful peole not forgetting their high levels of intelligence.

An Itesot woman is surely going to build you to the man you never envisaged yourself of bwcomo.


The Acholi hold the flag for the most beautiful people from the north.

A region that is most known for their strength which has been showed over the years because of their service in the army and other sports sectors, they are indeed beautiful.


From the east and the Elgon mountains comes the Bagisu.

These descendants of Masaba have displayed their capabilities through politics, beauty pageants and other areas.

Their women are known for long ropes no wonder they eat malewa.

All tribes and peoples from Uganda are incredibly beautiful and this list is just a mere representation of the rest as we couldn’t write about the entire over 50 tribes here.

Above all we are Ugandans.

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