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Atlantic Ocean tears as Rabadaba and Nalongo Maggie part ways

It seems singer Faisal Segura alias Rabadaba and Nalongo Maggie’s marriage has ended in tears.

Through her Snapchat, Nalongo Maggie lifted the lid on their marriage and it seems they are having uncontrollable misunderstandings.

She said that people should always be careful with whom they fall in love with because these can be pretenders.

“Be careful whom you trust and fall in love with. People can eat you up because they never loved you but had hidden agendas.”

It should be recalled that the pair tied the knot with in June 2021.

The couple started dating shortly after Nalongo Maggie dumped singer Grenade Official.

The Mukyamu singer started dating Nalongo Maggie an ex of the late singer AK47 in 2020 when she had come for the festive season.

They started living together in an apartment she rented in Munyonyo.

After their Nikkah Islamic marriage that happened in Butambala at Maggie’s home, the pair moved in together.

They soon jetted to London where they started living since Maggie has UK citizenship.

It’s however reported that while in the UK, the singer’s behaviors started to change.

He even linked up with some faded Ugandan musicians in the UK hence the change in his behavior.

Maggie’s marriage with Rabadaba garnered widespread attention as many wondered why the singer was marrying a much older woman who had been danced by many men.

Some however said that he was after getting a UK citizenship by using Maggie and it seems this has come to fruition.

Rabadaba who was once married to long term girlfriend Sheila Ferguson before her family forced her to dump him had long wanted UK citizenship through her but didn’t get it.

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