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Doreen Kabareebe reveals why she hates her mother so much

Are there people who hate their mothers because most people view their mothers as gods and can’t tolerate anyone disrespecting them.

However, for model and socialite Doreen Kabareebe, she hates her mother so much.

In fact if she had an option to change her mom, she would run so fast to effect it.

Through her Facebook page, Doreen said that someone asked her that one thing she regrets so much in life.

Unexpectedly and shockingly, Kabareebe said that it’s her mum.

She detests and regrets the fact that a Muganda woman had to give birth to her.

Its something that pains her day and night and the mother knows this too.

“Someone asked me what I regret in life. Well I regret the fact that my mother who gave birth to me is a Muganda.

Honestly, it hurts me day and night and she knows it,” Kabareebe posted.

Doreen faced a lot of backlash from her followers who deemed her statements as tribalistic, controversial and reckless.

The model went ahead to say that she even warned her sisters that whoever ever gets married to a Muganda man, they shouldn’t bother inviting her for the wedding.

“I told all my sisters that whoever gets married to a Muganda shouldn’t call me for the wedding,” she added.

She even posted a photo of hers and added how a Muganda man used to starve and eat all the food at home adding that women sit on a lot of things.

It’s not clear what prompted her to air such controversial statements.

Doreen is the daughter of former Rwampara MP, the late Amon Muzoora.

However little is known about her mother who she regrets a lot on having.

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