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Jessica Kayanja praises hubby Pastor Kayanja for his endless Love and skills

Jessica Kayanja has come out and praised her husband Pastor Robert Kayanja. She confirmed that she loves Kayanja in height and blackness.

“They have despised us a lot. You found me in peace with my husband, you’ve manipulated the man, they’ve told us what they do. We see them on TV manipulating, that a woman is supposed to do this. I love Kayanja in his height and blackness.

“If you can bring Kayanja as he looks, but if you cannot bring him, take away your houses, take away your swimming pools, me, I’m Kayanja’s wife pakalast [forever].”

Pr. Robert Kayanja of Rubaga Miracle Centre and his wife, Jessica Kayanja are one of the most blessed couple’s on the born again fraternity and last year the two celebrated 30 years of marriage.

The Kayanja’s walked down the aisle in 1991 and have both confessed their undying love for each other.

Written by Ssejjengo Jibu

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