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New war in town: I am far better than you! Eddie Sendi and DJ Nimrod trash each other

The Gravity Omutujju saga has even extended from fans and singers now to other stakeholders in rhe entertainment industry.

A beef seems to have erupted between veteran entertainment journalist and analyst Eddie Sendi and Galaxy FM presenter DJ Nimrod.

While at the Gravity press conference in which he cried, Nimrod lashed out at Sendi.

He said that the journalist is an old man who should be kicked out of the industry.

Besides he has nothing to offer to new artists apart from criticism.

Nimrod further advised Sendi to step aside for the new crop of entertainment journalists to take over and to stay in his lane of artists of his generation.

When Sendi was asked to comment about this, he said that Nimrod will never succeed socially, financially and sexually if he believes that people have to step aside for others to make it in life.

Further, Sendi lashed out at Nimrod saying the fact that he’s not among the top 10 DJs in the country should tell him where he falls.

Sendi wasn’t done as he mocked Nimrod’s recent party which massively flopped with Sendi saying that it ended up turning into a green party.

Nimrod has also now fired back. He said that he’s more successful than Sendi ever was by his age.

“Financially I’m far better than Eddie Sendi because I have done things that he hasn’t done,” Nimrod said.

He also said that he has 3 children which debunks Sendi’s statement that Nimrod won’t ever be sexually successful.

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