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VIDEO: Shock! Ugandan Police officer dies after beating elderly woman

Boy oh boy, always show leniency and kindness where necessary at whatever job you are doing because life is unpredictable.

Ugandans have been left shocked after a Ugandan Police Officer died shortly after flogging an elderly woman.

A video posted by US Ugandan journalist Bahati Remmy showed this officer flogging an elderly woman for fun.

This officer was in the company of others and they were enforcing some guidelines.

He caned the woman who wasn’t resisting his orders and his colleagues looked along just for fun.

As people were blasting and criticizing this officer’s impunity, former NBS TV journalist Daniel Lutaaya delivered news that shocked social media users whilst others hugely and positively appreciated it.

Lutaaya said that this officer is known as Sam Okiror a 65 year old.

He however succumbed to hypertension shortly after his reckless actions.

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