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Gen Muhoozi hits back at his father President Museveni about how he should use Twitter in a mature way

Museveni told his son while on NBS TV to avoid tweeting about partisan politics and other countries and it could be better for him if he made tweets about sports.

In reply, Muhoozi said that he is old enough and no one can stop him from tweeting about anything he wants,

“I hear some journalist from Kenya asked my father to ban me from Twitter? Is that some kind of joke?? I am an adult and NO ONE will ban me from anything! Tweeted Muhoozi

He added,

“In the name of Our God, who is three in One. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Dear God, forgive us sinners for our sins. We are conceived in sin and our life is darkness and toil without You! Find it in Your heart to forgive us incorrigible sinners!

Muhoozi has just returned from a special visit to Rwanda where he met President Paul Kagame.

Written by Ssejjengo Jibu

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