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Rabadaba – Biography, Career, Children and Net Worth

Rabadaba real name Faisal Seguya is a Ugandan musician and actor who played in Beneath The Lies as Suna/Simon Kintu.
He became popular to Uganda’s music industry in 2009 after the release of Bwekiri song.

Faisal Seguya commonly known as Rabadaba was born on 5 February 1987. He had his general education and also went to Makerere University.

Rabadaba’s music journey started back in 2006 when he was under the local music crew spontaneous which included other artists like Gatimo, Grace Nakimera and Paragon.
The group anonymously separated and each member started up solo projects in 2008. Rabadaba however, began his solo music career in 2009 where he released his hit song dubbed Bwekiri and it was a breakthrough to the music industry of Uganda.
His versatility in music helps him to mix music lyrics in hip hop style in which he also adds Ragga and Luga flow styles and from a local music style Luga-Ragga. He had a collaboration with don mc in a song called Love portion.
Faisal Seguya aka Rabadaba was in 2010 among the artists who were competing for the Buzz Teenz Awards with Navio, Bebe Cool, and rapper GNL Zamba for the artist of the year. His breakthrough banger Bwekiri Vumilla and Mr Dj competed for the song of the year category.
However, Rabadaba in the 2011 BTA Buzz Teenz awards nominations did not appear on the list as he was topped by other musicians like Keko and Sizzaman Dictionary.
Rabadaba’s music journey started back in 2006 when he was under the local music crew spontaneous.

Wife and Children

Faisal Seguya aka Rabadaba with his spouse wife Sheila Ferguson have two children mentioning Faheem Kyle Seguya who live in London. In 2021 Rabadaba married Maggie Nalongo

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