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Chance Nalubega points out Gravity’s only mistake in his rant against the big 3 artists

Veteran singer Chance Nalubega has pointed out local rapper Gravity Omutujju’s only mistake in his recent tirade against the big three artists, Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine and Dr Jose Chameleone.

The Abatesi singer said that there was nothing the Tusimbudde singer said .

His only mistake was shedding tears.

She added that there are actually better singers than Gravity or even the ones dubbed the big 3.

However, these conquered the industry by being bullies, stunts and forcefulness.

Therefore Gravity was only coping them from what they did.

He had to therefore stand firm by his word and not soften.

She added that its only the media which has catalyzed the issue but it would have been disrespectful had he attacked the likes of herself, Moses Matovu or Fred Ssebatta.

Chance Nalubega also said that he shouldn’t have mentioned Bobi Wine in his rant.

“Gravity said nothing wrong. His mistake was to cry. If you decide to be such a bully and showy, you have then to stand by your words and not chew them. Besides he was copying from his elders whom also conquered the industry from being bullies.
The disrespect would have been there if he had attacked the likes of me, Moses Matovu or Fred Sebatta. He also didn’t need to mention Bobi Wine in his rant,” Chance Nalubega said.

Her opinion was supported by another veteran singer Betty Mpologoma.

Mpologoma said that Gravity shamed himself when he cried.

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