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Mr Henrie reveals real reasons why he parted ways with Prima Kardashi

A local proverb goes that “Atakulaba yakugaya.” Galaxy FM presenter Mr Henrie might be a single man but he was at one time deeply in love with socialite Prima Kardashi.

The two used to paint the city red and blue with their fairy tale love.

But as they say that every good thing comes to an end, even the best dancer eventually leaves the stage, so did the couple.

Their 2 year romance came to an end over different allegations such as infidelity.

Since then the two have been throwing jabs at each other whenever they can.

While appearing on Sanyuka TV’s Bigenda Bitya, Mr Henrie appeared to reveal that Prima was of no value to his life.

Explaining the traits he needs in a woman in his next relationship, the radio personality said that he wants to sit with people who have developmental conversations and not cheap ones.

“The next woman to come into my life should be able to add value to my life. I no longer want to sit with people who have cheap conversations. I want to sit with people who have developmental conversations,” Mr Henrie said.

Prima who is an ex to Geosteady with the two having 3 daughters said that Mr Henrie was too good for her.

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