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Take time while composing songs – Eddie Yawe tips musicians on how to make hit songs

Take time while composing songs. Eddie Yawe to musicians

Singer Eddy Yawe has called upon musicians to always take time while composing their songs if they are to have good music.

“I call upon musicians to learn how to sing and go with the principles of music, nowadays songs cannot exceed six months. It’s always important to take time while composing songs, personally, I have compositions that are in studios for now close to four months.”

Yawe also stated that musicians of this era are better while using CDs but they cannot sing live music

“Music is a talent, if you can sing about something that you cannot defend then you are not good enough. Nowadays some musicians are good on CDs and flash but they cannot sing live music.”

Studios and videos have brought us raw talents in the industry, they always contribute more to what a particular musician does.

On those who think legendary musicians should quit and live the industry to the young generation

“Talent is God given, the more it gets old, the sweeter it becomes not like physical games such as Boxing and Football.” I also learn from the best like Philly Bongole Lutaaya and Moses Matovu. So you cannot force someone out of music.” Said Yawe During an interview on Sanyuka TV

Written by Ssejjengo Jibu

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