Patrick Salvado on who inspired him to do comedy

While appearing on Spark TV on Monday evening, Salvado stated that he used to see the two comedians make money in Fun factory

“I was inspired by Amooti and Pablo. The two were in Fun Factory then so when I saw them make money by talking, I chose to do the same.”

Salvado says he doesn’t regret making a decision to join comedy since it has helped him achieve various things in life.

Earlier this year, the self-proclaimed Man From Ombokolo resigned from his role at Kampala based radio station Sanyu FM where he had spent about two years.

In 2020, Salvado and his wife Daphine Frankstock said their vows at a holy wedding held at Mbuya Catholic Church.

Before their wedding, Salvado and Daphine had been dating since 2013. Their introduction ceremony (Kwanjula) was held in June, 2019.

Written by Ssejjengo Jibu

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