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Video: students recorded chewing each other by the roadside

If you really want through the ladders of school, then at least you are familiar with certain scenarios such as coupling.

This was one of the most entertaining things in school. At least they made us look forward to going there despite the other hurdles.

Writing her notes when you yourself couldn’t write yours, carrying her bag to her place of residence, fetching her lunch and breakfast what you starved, it was a lot.

The memories can keep on flowing and if you didn’t do so, well hopefully you paid attention in class and you are now a high soaring academician or civil servant somewhere.

Well a video has been making rounds on social media which has left people buzzing.

This shows two learners probably in lower secondary school, a boy and a girl.

These are standing somewhere outside a perimeter wall probably the girl’s home.

They can be seen exchanging a few words as the boy gives the girl her bag that he’s been carrying from school.

The two then go ahead to kiss each other and exchange hugs whilst smiling.

None of them actually wants to let go of the other as they feel tomorrow is so far away.

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