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List of UG Artistes Whose Mysterious Deaths Are Yet To Be Solved

Uganda has over the years lost a number of musical talents under mysterious circumstances.

These have left big voids that are just hard to be filled by anyone.

Shockingly enough is that despite these artists being big names, the circumstances under which they died are yet to be clarified.

This has always left big question marks and justice is yet to prevail for fans and families.

So below let’s take a look at some of these mysterious musician death that are yet to be solved.

Mowzey Radio

Perhaps the biggest death scare amongst Ugandan musicians.

Born Moses Ssekibogo Nakintije in 1985, Mowzey Radio formed part of the singing duo Radio and Weasel of Goodlyf.

Many believe that he’s arguably the most talented Ugandan artist ever.

In January 2018, Mowzey Radio suffered severe head injuries after a bar brawl in Entebbe.

He was allegedly thrown down by a one Troy who has over time denied the allegations.

Troy was later convicted of murder and jailed.

Radio’s death however has continued to raise the dust with some pointing out that it was deliberate murder.

A one John Miles accused producer Washington of knowing what took place and could have had a hand in the death.


Another mysterious and shocking death was that of dancehall singer Akay 47.

Born in 1990 as Emmanuel Mayanja, he was the youngest brother to singers, Dr Jose Chameleone, Weasel and Pallaso.

He unfortunately passed away in 2015 at Dejavu bar which was owned by his manager, Jeff Kiwa.

The Champion singer’s death probably has the most conspiracies.

Some say that he was killed by a bouncer at the bar on the orders of Jeff Kiwa.

Others say that it was the ghost of Karamagi a man who burnt himself at Chameleone’s home in Seguku in 2012 that strangled him to death.

Others alluded the death to Illuminatism while others say it was drug abuse.

The wider notion however is that it was murder but up to now justice is yet to he served for the Mayanjas.

Dizzy Nuts Ggaliwango

He died in 2017 in Kireka after a performance at Victoria Pub.

The husky deep voiced singer was killed via a hit and run accident at about 2am in the morning.

His killer was driving a Toyota Harrier which he rammed into Bebe Cool’s Hummer.

Dizzy Nuts and Bebe Cool had finished performing in the club and were sharing a light conversation outside the club.

Bebe was seated inside his car as Dizzy Nuts stood outside as they chatted.

After knocking the singer, the car sped away and up to now, there has never been no apprehension of the culprit.


Sarah Nampijja was more known as Sera her stage name.

She rose to prominence after her 2012 hit collabo Contagious featuring Jeff Blaise.

Sera had signed her first professional contract in 2009 with Swangz Avenue aged 19.

It was reported that she succumbed to stomach ulcers.

This was as she was coming from a burial of another musician’s relative.

Her sudden death however left some doubts with some pointing out foul play especially poisoning.

Master Blaster

Born as Cornelius Oloya 1986, he rose to fame in 2007 after his controversial Embooko song.

He however died in 2015 after he suffered gunshots in the stomach.

Master Blaster was a victim of violent chaos at a bar in Bwaise.

He was shot twice in the stomach and died on 29 December 2015.

His killer still remains a mystery since there are different stories as to who exactly killed the musician.

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