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Did Ray G’s concert really flop? Find out the truth here

The king of music ik western Uganda Reagan Muhairwe aka Ray G yesterday held his maiden concert in Kampala at the Imperial Royale Hotel.

And since then, speculation has been high amongst social media.

Some are actually claiming that the show massively flopped while his fans also claim it sold out.

The debate has even zeroed down to a trial talk.

“Banyankore used to support each other what happened today?” One social media user asked.

“We didn’t take it personal but Ray g has no urban music he sings for his friends in mbarara full stop.”

However, his fans and those who claimed to have attended also claimed the show was filled up and even proposed a bigger venue for him next time.

“Over 70,000 revelers flock Imperial Royale Hotel to support Western Uganda home grown talent Ray G,” one said.

“Ray G had a very successful concert let us not mix weird things in music otherwise Mzee’s grave will also rule us,” another said.

But what was the actual truth?
Did this concert really sell out or it flopped?

Well the concert did sell out and the singer being a headline performer for the first time in Kampala did quite well.

He was supported by other entertainers such as Spice Diana, MC Mariachi, Zex Bilangi Langi among others.

People were left appreciating and indeed saw the worth of their money.

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