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Here is the reason Sheilah Gashumba escaped assassination

Socialite and media personality Sheilah Gashumba last night threw her social media followers and fans alike into panic mode.

This is after she revealed that she was being trailed by 4 boda boda cyclists.

And all these were carrying passengers. This was as she was coming from her gig.

Sheilah went ahead to reveal that for the past days she’s been receiving hateful comments under her social media pages.

These have also been threatening in nature. She went ahead to question whether these were trying to kill her.

It was only when her driver made a diversion around Jinja road that these stopped trailing her.

“I’m not into politics. The past few days people have been sending threats under my social media accounts in relation to politics. Today 4 boda boda riders with passengers with helmets followed my car from my gig till Jinja road until my driver made a diversion. Are you trying to kill me?” She questioned and lamented.

Further, the NBS After 5 presenter went ahead to say that all she does is mind her business and work.

Therefore threatening her life over scandals she doesn’t know and is even not part of is utterly ridiculous.

“All I do is mind my own business, work hard and enjoy my life!!! Threatening my life over scandals I don’t know is ridiculous.”

Her boyfriend Rickman also took to his Twitter page to offer support to his babe.

He said that she’s not affiliated to any political party nor is she into politics.

She’s been insulted and labeled all kinds of names but she keeps minding her stuff.

It’s therefore nonsensical that some people are trying to drag in her grudges and fights that are not hers to fight before asking people to leave her out of politics.

“My girlfriend is not affiliated to any political party nor into politics.She does her own thing on tv n host parties do music pr n so on.Everyday insults are hurled at her calling her so many things but she keeps doing her own thing.Please leave her out of politics.Thank you,” said Rickman.

It should be recalled that Sheilah’s father is a strong regime apologist who has a sweet disliking for NUP.

He a few days ago was in the mix of things after the death of Jakana Nadduli Al Hajji Nadduli’s son.

A video of Gashumba saying that Jakana should have died in an accident sustained in March caused quite a stir.

Jakana also however on the other hand didn’t like the Bavandimwe as Gashumba and other Rwandese in Uganda refer to themselves.

Jakana had severally expressed his hatred towards this particular tribe and even said that he would make merry if they all perished.

In retaliation, Gashumba said that he also wishes Jakana had died in the accident because the Bavandimwe hate those who hate them and love all those who love them.

Since then many people have been attacking Sheilah’s because of her father’s statements with some even wishing her death.

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